Exhibitors are invited to read regulation carefully before to reserve tables.


You are allowed to sell or purchase live animals during "SQUAMATA", but only observing the following rules::

  • It is possible to sell animals, insects, plants, only if equipped with regular CITES documents, where needed.
  • It is possible to sell spiders and scorpions except for the species listed in the following list (compiled by Aracnofilia - Italian Association of Arachnology in 2003/2004):
    – Suborder Mygalomorphae (Orthognatha)
    Family DIPLURIDAE:
    Trechona (all species)
    Atrax (all species)
    Hadronyche (all species)
    Macrothele (all species)
    Missulena (all species)
    Harpactirella (all species)
    – Suborder Araneomorphae (Labidognatha)
    Family MITURGIDAE:
    Cheiracanthium (all species)
    Family CTENIDAE:
    Ctenus (all species)
    Phoneutria (all species)
    Family SICARIIDAE:
    Loxosceles (all species)
    Sicarius (all species)
    Latrodectus (all species)
    Family BUTHIDAE:
    All genus.
    Nebo (all species)
    Hemiscorpius (all species)
  • It is forbidden to sell or expose any animal that is included in the list of the MD of 19-4-96: venomous snakes (rear-fanged are allowed), monitors, Crocodiles, alligator turtle, reticulated python, green anaconda… (list).
  • It is forbidden to sell or expose MAMMALS, with the exception of Rattus norvegicus, Mus musculus, Praomis natalensis, Meriones sp., they must be exposed ONLY in cages with grid or bars walls (NO faunabox, NO food boxes ...) to allow a better aeration due to summer temperatures.
    Examples for correct cages and not (click to enlarge):
    Furthermore, Mus minutoides, Graphiurus murinus, Atelerix albiventris ans other small african mammals are allowed, they can be displayed in boxes with appropriate ventilation.
    Examples for correct cages and not (click to enlarge):
    All exposed mammals shouldn't occupy more then than 50% of the base of the cage. They MUST have drinking water and food available.
    In every case FORBIDDEN display and sell UNWEANED mammals.
  • It is forbidden to sell or expose birds.
  • Exhibitors that will market forbidden animals will be immediately expelled from the show, and will not be accepted in future editions. If, as result of exhibitors actions, organization will have any problems, will be requested damages.
  • Animals for sale should be handled as little as possible, only for health checks or to be viewed by potential buyer (under control of seller). Episodes of exhibitionism with animals will not be tolerated and violators will be immediately expelled.
  • Animals for sale must be exposed in closed cages, on which must be written the seller's name, scientific name (if you yont, common name to), captive bred or wild cought (CB, WC, FB), geographic area of origin, optimal temperature, maximum length of the animal, type of prey or food, protection class (CITES, Bern, Habitat, local laws) if species is protected, possible toxicity. One cage one animal (except insects, little saurians, small mammals). Cage must contain an appropriated substrat that guarantee appropriated hygienic conditions.
  • Drinking water must be available to animals (for species for which this is necessary, eg. rodents).
  • Unhealty animals, or suspected ones, will be removed from the show. Exhibitors don't comply with the instructions provided by veterinarian will be expelled from the show.
  • It is allowed to sell ONLY animals such: Reptiles, Amphibians, Insects, Rodents, micro-mammals.
  • It is allowed to sell ONLY plants such: Carnivorous Plants, Bonsai, Ornamental plants.
  • It is allowed to sell ONLYfossils that are legally commercialised.
  • It is allowed to sell any herp-merchandise and equipment inherent terraristik like cages, lamps, heat cables, heat pads, control instruments, reptiles and amphybian food, other equipment.
  • It is allowed to sell books, gadgets, T-shirts that are inherent with: Reptiles, Amphibians, Insects, Arachnids, other Animals, Fossils, Bonsai, Carnivorous Plants, Ornamental Plants.

We remember that climate of event will be summer-like, we invite exhibitors and visitors to organize properly for housing and transportation of animals that may suffer the heat or that, in these conditions, will require special attention.

During the show controls may be conducted by ASL (sanitay authority) and CFS (CITES authority), at discretion of authorities.

We remember you that exhibitors  from EU countries, are obliged to have sanitary certificate of animals and feed, as required by EU regulations.

All participants (exhibitors and visitors) are directly and personally responsible for welfare of their animals, equipment, and any damage caused by their animals, equipment, and any of theirassociates/employees.

Exhibitors who don't observ this regulation will be expelled from show.
The organization reserve the right not to accept reservation for future editions.
The organization will not be held liable for breaches by the exhibitors and visitors.

Exhibitors should bring electrical adapters and wire, because electricity may not coincide exactly with your table.

Thank you!

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