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This pages are created with purpose to introduce us and our passion for reptiles (and other animals) to other people, both herpers both not, hoping it can be helpful and useful to someone and why not, to bring new people in the worlds of reptiles, thanks to our experiences.

Our passion for reptiles born when we were very young, and different experiences in different ways, bring us to a joint decision: keep and breed reptiles in captivity.

When Angelo was child, he spent summer days looking for lizards, snakes, frogs and others... and some vipera to. It was interesting to see tadpoles methamorphosys in glass bowl, and little time snakes (and viperas) was keeped for few days.
Silvia, with her parents complicity, after breeding canaries for several years, takse her first european turtles, and her first Varanus.

Since 1995, year when we met, we started to cultivate a common passion for aquariofily, coming to have about ten aquariums within different biotopes (geographic aquariums), populated by relevant piches or invertebrates.
After some years, the desire to keep a reptile drew, so we bought our first snake, a wild pattern Elaphe guttata (now Pantherophis guttatus). After few months we completed the couple with e female, and we obtained first eggs, hatched at 100%.

Now we keep several species and we breed most of these, having the opportunity to give to our snakes a dedicated room. There have some turtles to, free to use our garden.

Our passion for animals don't stop itself here, among these pages you can find our other animals: dogs, cat, fishes, birds (now only occasionally, mostly chicks fallen from nests, weaned, treat and released).

Angelo Cabodi & Silvia Tangredi

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