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Care sheets

In this area are present, in alphabetic order, care sheets of many species, or sub-species, we keep and breed.

These care sheets aren't "the right and final" method to keep and breed treated species, these care sheets are a set, a summary, of methods we use, completed and integrated with experiences and anecdotes we observed with our animals.

We hope to find free time to compile other care cheets to increase this list.

Boa constrictor imperator
Candoia aspera
Corallus batesii
(ex Corallus caninus amazon basin form)
Corallus caninus
Eunectes notaeus
Morelia viridis
Pantherophis guttatus
(Elaphe guttata)
Pantherophis obsoletus obsoletus
(Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta)
Pantherophis obsoletus quadrivittata
(Elaphe obsoleta quadrivittata)
Philodryas baroni
Thamnophis marcianus